If you were not yet a sentient being in 1992, there’s truly no thorough, accurate way to convey to you the grip that Cindy Crawford had on fashion, beauty, and pop culture as a whole. And if countless magazine covers, Revlon ads, and a George Michael music video hadn’t solidified her popularity, her 1992 Pepsi commercial surely did. And now, more than 30 years later — as if anyone had a doubt — Crawford is proving she’s still got that certain something by recreating that famous ad for an unexpected reason.

Crawford posted a clip to her Instagram grid in which — just like in the 1992 ad — she emerges from a sports car wearing a white tank top, jean shorts, hoop earrings and, most importantly, the super-voluminous hairstyle that helped make that moment so memorable.

Cindy Crawford in a 1992 Pepsi commercialGetty Images

And just like in the Pepsi commercial, Crawford guzzles a beverage — though, this time, it’s not cola. It’s a margarita. And the next thing you know, she gets jarringly bumped out of the frame by Angel Laketa Moore, also known as That Chick Angel, because it turns out this is a video for the Saucy remix of the song of the summer, “One Margarita.” (And if you don’t know what “One Margarita” is, there’s really no accurate way for me to convey that either.)

This isn’t the first time the supermodel has recreated her most famous ad. In 2002, she reenacted the commercial, this time for Diet Pepsi; in 2016, she spoofed it with James Corden; and just last year, she posed for a redo in order to raise money for the American Family Children’s Hospital.

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