Back in mid-April, Ciara blew us away with her pastel multicolored hair that looked like a mane on a My Little Pony figurine. Of course, Cici already had a new hairstyle by the next day and several more throughout the month. Her latest style, worn on May 3 to the 27th Accessories Council Excellence Awards, was sleeker than silk and straighter than a razor (and me, TBH). 

The “1,2 Step” singer attended the event in an oversized suit to accept an award for her clothing brand, House of LR&C. She arrived with the sleekiest and straightest hair, parted cleanly down the middle. Truly, this hair was so pin-straight, it could have been glued in place. But in reality, smooth and shiny hair always lends itself to flowy movement, so I wish I could’ve seen it in action.

Her hair was as dark as ink, unlike some of her recent styles such as her chin-grazing blonde bob or brown waves. This straight style was exceptionally long, to the point that it’s hard to tell where it ends. It cascaded past her waist and then the ends disappeared, blending into her dark suit.

As for makeup, her base looked smooth and radiant. She kept it on the simpler side with some smoked-out eye shadows on her lids and long lashes that could have been the result of either lash extensions or an amazing strip lash. She embraced minimalism with her nails, as well, with an almond-shaped nude manicure. Though this manicure was anything but short, it was nowhere near the signature length of Cardi B’s or Saweetie’s manicures. Her nail length came just a centimeter past her fingertips. 

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