Ciara can do no wrong in my book. I mean she blessed my childhood with songs like “1, 2 Step,” “Goodies,” and “Oh,” and in my adulthood, she’s graced my social media feeds and snatched my delicate edges at the same time with each one of her looks. The latest one that had me in a frenzy was her blunt bob with so much volume that it was higher than most people on 4/20. 

Cici shared her selfies with Instagram fans on May 15, extending love and kisses to them in her caption. The singer-songwriter looked divine with a pose that would earn her all 10s from Tyra Banks. Her dark brunette hair barely grazed her chin; the ends barely touched one of the three chokers she was wearing. This short hair was sleek and straight, but it still had tons of body. Honestly, she could have been wearing a small bumpit based on that lovely lift at her roots. 

A front section of her hair was side swept across her forehead with tons of volume at the root. That section of hair was practically lifted up and off her face. I would even estimate that the tallest part of her hair stood almost two inches above her scalp. We don’t know what rollers, blow dryer, or other contraption was used to give this hair its lift, but Ciara, if you see this, please give us the deets ASAP. 

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