There’s a handful of celebrities who change up their hair frequently and dramatically, but few do it with the unadulterated swagger that Ciara does. Instead of being greeted with a bored chorus of “Again?” when she switches styles, the world gets whiplash doing a double take to eagerly see what color, length, and texture the multi-hyphenate is wearing now. But just in case you can’t find the words to describe her latest look, don’t worry — she’s summarized it in a single emoji.

Ciara posted photos of her fantastical new look, which she wore while performing at Coachella, to Instagram on Tuesday, April 18, and described it as follows: ????

Yep, just a unicorn emoji, followed only by the letter C.

And she’s not wrong — her hair does look like a magical unicorn mane. The waist-length, beachy waves feature a mix of platinum blonde, pastel pink, and sky blue, mixed together to look not unlike swirly cotton candy. 

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The fans are here for it, leaving comments like, “This hair is so fun! I love how you never stay in one box you’re so versatile in all areas,” and, “Keep this hair for the album and the next singles!!! Make this the new signature look for this era pleaaase.”

But knowing Ciara, despite how gorgeous her hair looks this way, she probably won’t stick with it for long. She just looks too good in literally every imaginable style — who can blame her for constantly experimenting?

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