Allure: On that note, and in as much detail as you’re comfortable with, what was the product testing process like?

Aguilera: There’s testing on myself, testing with a partner. Sexuality is fun! Exploring yourself should feel empowering and something that we all feel safe about doing. 

Every woman is different. Every one might gravitate toward a product for a different reason. Some women have problems achieving orgasm. I mean, that’s a very common thing for women to feel and do, and the more you can explore feeling safe with your body and knowing what you like, you can better infuse that into sharing with a partner.

I mean, look, we all can be prone to yeast infections, vaginal dryness. Some women experience pain during sexual intercourse, so the more we know about our bodies and how we can best take care of them, that’s where wellness comes into play. 

Anyway, getting back to my own experience with it… Yeah, it is fun to explore and experiment. You can put it on yourself, your partner, you can put it on toys. There’s things you can do. Have a good vibrator, you know?

Allure: Do you have a good vibrator?

Aguilera: I actually do. There’s a brand called Lelo I like. I try different ones. When I travel, I used to do these little bullet things for easy access, in your fucking pocket purse or whatever. Sorry — I don’t want to swear at you, but when she’s passionate about something… But yeah, no, I think maybe this is a whole different conversation.

Allure: Something that’s been on my mind, and for a lot of readers too, I think, is that we’re in this time when people are having less sex than they ever have. Everybody agrees sex is good for us, but I’m wondering what you would say to those who aren’t having it?

Aguilera: We need to change the statistics. There’s also a skyrocketing surge of depression. Maybe that correlates. We’re all consumed with our phones and things like that. I think we need to step away and do more things for ourselves and connect. We get so busy, and we think of sex, sexual awareness, sexual health as something on the back burner that’s irrelevant. But I think this should be something that is a part of every woman’s beauty routine. It’s like a vitamin for yourself, and it’s an energy booster. I think it’s a life enhancer, to be honest.

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