Christina Aguilera, is that really you? Do my eyes deceive me? Because I’m pretty sure I’m looking at Cher circa 1989. You may just have out-Cher’d Cher entirely!

The musician paid homage to the icon, who just so happens to be her Burlesque costar, for Halloween 2023, totally transforming herself into Cher in the “If I Could Turn Back Time” music video from the late ‘80s. She swapped her platinum blonde cropped cut for a full, super curly black wig that fluffed out around her face, just like Cher’s in the original music video, but the curls were just the tip of the Halloween iceberg.

To make Aguilera look even more like Cher, makeup artist Etienne Ortega sculpted the star’s eyes to mimic Cher’s, using a light beige shadow across Aguilera’s lids and applying a taupe gray in her creases, plus more of the beige shade under her skinny brows. Ortega then applied thick coats of black liner for extra drama, then contoured her cheeks and added a pink blush to her cheekbones. The singer’s lips were lined with a mauve-brown pencil and filled in with a similar shade just a touch lighter, and the transformation was complete. Seriously, at first glance it feels like Aguilera stepped right off the set of the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video, leather bodysuit and all. 

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