Months after giving birth to her daughter Esti, Chrissy Teigen shared evidence of her C-section after people online erroneously claimed she had used a surrogate to welcome her fourth child. 

On Monday, May 8, Teigen shared a photo of her four-month-old, and the comments got real weird, real fast. Though she had discussed Esti’s delivery previously, one commenter asked the model if she’d secretly used a surrogate; another user accused her of using something called a Moonbump to fake a pregnancy. The Moonbump commenter also accused Teigen of “being born male” but noted that they are a “huge fan of Chrissy by the way.” Confusing!

By the way, the post that launched all these weird comments? Incredibly cute. 

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According to People, Teigen — always one to go after internet trolls — shared the comments on her Instagram Stories, which have since expired. “Obsessed with this comment,” she wrote, referring to the Moonbump conspiracy. Then she posted a picture of herself right after giving birth to Esti in January, exposing her C-section scar, and wrote, “extremely realistic ‘moon bump.’” You can see screenshots of the comments and Tegien’s stories over at BuzzFeed.

In March, Chrissy Teigen spoke with People about her C-section. “I was kind of excited because I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve done the vaginal thing twice. Let’s try this,’” she told the outlet. 

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