Chris Pine nearly broke the internet with his blonde-highlighted bob during the Don’t Worry Darling press run in September 2022. We were enamored with his and Florence Pugh’s similar blonde bobs — but not everyone was, it seems. In a recent video interview with Esquire, he shares why this longer hairstyle was unfortunately short-lived, and you won’t be able to contain your laughter when you hear the reason. 

The actor graced the cover of Esquire‘s March 2023 issue with his longer hair noticeably absent — though his shorter salt-and-pepper hair and facial hair looked just as amazing, if you ask us. In a YouTube video with the magazine posted on March 1, he answered a few various questions including whether or not Harry Styles actually spit on him (spoiler: he did not) and what happened to his long hair.

“I thought I was looking pretty fly,” Pine said in reference to his bob. But once his publicist told him he looked like Rachel from Friends with the haircut, the bob had to go. “I couldn’t unhear it,” Pine noted. His publicist also mentioned the similarity to the sitcom star’s hair on the first day of his press tour in Venice, so we can only imagine how much of a pressing thought it was during the Italy press run. 

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