Sevigny, 48, washes her hair with Five Wits shampoo and conditioner, the house blends of the East Village salon Blackstones. The owner, Joey Silvestera, is a friend of Chloë, which is kind of like saying someone is a “friend of Dorothy” as a code for belonging to a particular echelon of New York-based creative talent. (Some of them also know Dorothy.) Over three decades of working simultaneously in New York’s film, television, and fashion industries, Sevigny’s rare combination of traits — extremely kind and unbearably chic — has amassed an extraordinarily talented group of individuals around her, like cool downtown flies to cooler downtown honey.

But some mornings in the shower she switches over to Christophe Robin, which is French and costs slightly more than a hair product ever should because it was recommended by another friend, Jenna Perry, who does her color around the corner on West Broadway. “She does Bella Hadid,” Sevigny says, by way of approval. Sevigny describes her hair color as “fake-natural” blonde but does not offer an explanation for that term. Instead, she delights in the term “base bump,” which is what Perry calls Sevigny’s standard blonding procedure — just lifting the color at the roots

“She’s really sexy. She floats around. Really cute staff,” Sevigny says, again, by way of approval. “She’s in all the magazines.”

Sevigny’s legs are still peeling from a winter holiday sunburn, so she sands them down with a tile-size washcloth and lathers them in one of the several tiny soaps she borrowed — “or maybe just took” — from the hotel in the Cayman Islands where she spent New Year’s. “Before we went, I was like, I’m gonna stop eating bread and not drink as much so I can get like,” her voice goes briefly villainous, “bikini-ready. We get down there, and the two other ‘celebs’ on the beach are Em Rata and Bella Hadid. What was even the point?”

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