Whenever hot weather makes me feel tempted to cut off a lot of my long hair, I remind myself that I can still get relief from the heat with a ponytail — a ponytail I wouldn’t be able to do if my hair was short. Chloë Grace Moretz‘s approach to summer hair, on the other hand, is to just give in to the urge to chop a whole bunch of inches off. In fact, that’s exactly what she just did, and it’s making me question my stubborn insistence on keep my hair long.

Moretz has been wearing her hair well past her shoulders for most of the last five years, but it appears this year’s summer solstice had an inspirational effect on her hairstyle. She was seen visiting NBC’s Today set to promote her new animated movie, Nimona, sporting a chic new lob that’s literally half the length it was last time we saw her.

Now barely skimming her shoulders, Moretz’s hair is side-parted and styled by Gregory Russell with just a hint of a wave. The one side tucked behind her ear revealed a cute little earring party, featuring two hoops connected by a chain and a diamond stud in the middle. 

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