We have long praised the skilled hands of Chloe Bailey’s hairstylist, Fesa Nu. Between Bailey and her younger sister, they have completely shattered people’s ideas of what locs should look like and how they can be styled. And her hairstylist killed it once again with her latest look, which is a fun mix of space buns and pigtails. 

Bailey showed off the new hair while performing at the Sol Blume Festival on August 20. Dressed in a bedazzled mesh bodysuit, she took to the stage with her textured half-up look. It appears that Nu transformed her usual go-to locs into a very curly goddess locs style. Even though the curls make it hard to tell, you can see the individual locs in her half-up buns and near her roots. 

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Nu parted her curly hair down the middle and gathered the front half of her hair into two semi-buns. It looks as if she stopped securing the buns, which look like perfect spheres, halfway and left some of the curls out for a messier vibe. That’s probably part of the reason you can’t see the rest of her locs. This textured hair was long, too, with the curly tips cascading all the way to Bailey’s butt. 

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