Chloe Bailey looked stunning with a voluminous caramel blonde wig at The Little Mermaid world premiere on May 8. But that look was short-lived, and the following day, she shared a funny TikTok video showing how she removed the unit. 

She captioned her TikTok video, “me vs the wig,” which is a pretty apt descriptor for anyone who has had to remove their own wig before. “OK, as a girl with locs, I’m very new to the lace front community. If y’all liked my wig at the premiere, great. If yall didn’t, great. Kiss my ass,” she told her TikTok followers.  

She alerted fans that she conducted “research” to figure out the best removal method “because I’m not trying to rip my edges.” She noted that some folks recommended alcohol to loosen up the glue, while others suggested oil because it wouldn’t be as drying to the skin or hair. She began rubbing castor oil on her lace frontal, starting from one ear and working her way across the perimeter of her hairline to the other. 

“Lord Jesus, let me keep my edges. I’ve worked hard for edges,” she said as she continued spreading the oil. But she soon realized that it wasn’t going to be enough and started to use alcohol, applying it just to her skin and focusing the oil on her hair. “I might need some alcohol, though, because this shit ain’t lifting like it told me it was going to,” she said before applying the alcohol. 

She continued to work her magic, praying during the process — at one point, she sang, “Help me Jesus.” She sped up the video to show the rest of the process. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Good God almightly. Oh, Jesus, I’m free at last,” she said after the wig came off.

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Trust that I understand the struggle and frustration of wanting to rip off your wig while also not wanting to destroy my delicate edges. Chloe, sis, I feel you. 

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