Chloe Bailey can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve been a fan since her earlier days, when she was singing covers with her sister on YouTube — and have only come to admire her artistry more ever since. That doesn’t just apply to her music; right now, I’m taking note of her ultra-defined and dramatic cat eye that contoured her lids. 

She attended the Hollywood Unclocked’s Impact Awards on June 27 in a black hooded gown with thick caramel brown box braids that cascaded past her hips by her go-to hairstylist, Fesa Nu. But the real star of the show, if you ask me, was her otherwordly eye makeup. 

It’s hard to make out every detail of her eye makeup, given that makeup artist Kevin Luong punctuated the look with huge fluttery lashes that nearly covered her eyelids in full. Behind those lashes, though, you can see that he carved out her crease area with dark eye shadows. It seems more accurate to call this a halo cut-crease because of the lighter section in the middle.

He drew a cat eye that tapered outward into a sharpened point that was as thin as a needle. He lined her lower lash line, leaving her under-eye area bare of any shadows, and extended the liner inward and all the way past her inner corners, where the liner meets in a sharp point. It’s a makeup look that BeautyTok enthusiasts would likely classify as a siren eye — the trend isn’t a specific makeup look but more a descriptor for eye makeup that looks sultry and almost “snatches” the eye. 

To bring the whole face together, he painted her lips with a glossy nude hue that looked like a combination of a darker brown liner and at least one tan lip gloss

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