Is that Cher or an angel I see before me? With the flowing platinum blonde waves and shimmery golden makeup, this ethereal look comes straight out of Hollywood heaven.

The musician and actor celebrated her friend Carol Burnett’s 90th birthday in true Cher fashion: with extra long hair and a sparkly Bob Mackie gown. After posing on the red carpet in white-blonde curls, Cher hit the stage to wish her pal the happiest birthday as part of a variety show special. The centerpiece of her look was the sweeping, waist-length blonde hair, which cascaded down from the glittering headpiece in loose waves. Cher and her glam team matched her eyeshadow to her gown with a light wash of equally sparkly golden shimmer across her lids, plus a warm bronze cheek and glossy pink lip. It’s giving Oscar-winning actor, glamour icon, legendary musician.

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While Cher is best known for her sleek, straight black hair, platinum is a mainstay in her wig game. She looks great as a blonde — just see her Mamma Mia! performance as proof. Cher’s wigs are integral to her red carpet looks; she even had a climate-controlled wig room in her Malibu mansion to keep them in tip-top shape. While her beauty look is certainly iconic, Cher herself doesn’t see herself as an icon. “In my mind, an icon has always got to be old to be iconic. I can’t think [I’m] old yet,” she told Allure in 2022. “It’s fun but I don’t take it seriously because… does it mean you’ve just lasted longer than everybody else?” 

As for the ever-evolving collection of wigs, she shared that they’re integral to her stage shows, which come with lots of costume changes. “When I’m on stage, I make my costume changes in about two minutes, and everything gets whipped off. If I couldn’t wear a wig, what would I do?”

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