The remarkable transformation was crafted by stylist Dimitris Giannetos, who posted another look at the cut and color to his Instagram. Instead of a full platinum blonde, D’Amelio opted for a rooty, lived-in warm beige — unlike her older sister Dixie, who recently bleached her short hair white blonde. Is D’Amelio’s blonde here to stay, or was it a temporary change-up for Coachella? That remains to be seen, but if she did go blonde for real, the color is perfect for her skin tone and a fun departure from the long, shiny black hair she’s known for. (D’Amelio did appear in some Instagram Stories back to brunette with green highlights, just FYI.)

D’Amelio’s blonde bob fits right in with other celeb transformations, notably Cara Delevingne’s fresh cut and color and Maren Morris’s soft wave bob, which she debuted right before a concert at the end of 2022. If you’ve been thinking of saying “See ya!” to your long winter lengths or brightening up your highlights, consider this a sign from the stars to call your stylist.

Channel your blonde ambition:

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