Who’s your favorite celebrity? Does it matter? Whoever it is, you adore them for the same reason. They are rich, famous, good at what they do, have style, and that little bit of mystique about them. While many celebrities love to hide their personal life and the various preferences they have, they can’t hide too much on the red carpet. Out there, everything is out in the open. Of course, we’re not punishing our noses into their personal lives. But, what they wear is of great interest to us, and to you too we presume, The Louboutin heels.

When on the red carpet, as far as female celebrities go, three things are the most important ones. We’re talking about their dresses, shoes, and of course hair and makeup. Today, we’re going to focus on their feet. No, we are not talking about some fetish. Instead, we simply can’t get our eyes and minds off the footwear celebrities sport on the red carpet. If you look carefully enough you’ll notice that there exists a preference. We’re talking about Louboutin Heels. If you’re a fan too, you can follow the trend set by your favorite celebrity and start wearing Louboutin Heels, some of which you can find on this site.

The only thing remaining is to talk about some of the celebrities that love this brand. We are almost sure that your favorite one will find its place on this list. After all, as we already stated, many celebrities sport them, and there’s no better place to wear these heels than on the red carpet.  Of course, if you buy a pair, you can wear them wherever you like if a red carpet is missing, or become a celebrity in the process and solve the issue that way. While you’re sorting that out take a look at these celebrities and their favorite Louboutin heels.


Jennifer Lopez

Source: wwd.com


Let’s start with one of the biggest Latin stars. Lopez has made a name for herself in the music industry, film, and of course fashion. She’s an icon. So, when you see her wearing these heels you can tell that your fashion taste is on spot. Jennifer has more than one pair, so she’s not only wearing them on special occasions. Instead, you can see her sporting Louboutin heels while strolling down New York City.


Blake Lively

Source: vogue.co.uk

If there’s a name that goes hand in hand with Louboutin shoes it’s Blake. The wife of Ryan Reynolds is not only a celebrity wife, but also a fashion icon in addition to being one of the stars of the highly popular TV show Gossip Girl. So, it’s no wonder that this fashion designer went out of his way to make a unique piece for Lively and her appearance at the 2018 Met Gala. She received two pairs. One for the red carpet and another for everything before the main event.


Nicki Minaj

Source: buzzfeed.com

Nicki is a queen. She has it all – looks, talent, charisma. It’s no wonder she covered so many music genres including pop, R’n’B, and rap. Considering the influence she has both in reality and on social media platforms we could say she’s a pop icon. Yes, she also has a fair share of controversy but that doesn’t take anything from her personality. Also, she’s well known for her eccentric style of fashion. But, she can be a classic red carpet girl when needed, which is supported by her love for Louboutin heels.


Angelina Jolie

Source: koimoi.com

Certainly, one of the icons of our time. At one point in time, Jolie was seen as the world’s most beautiful female. That was probably the case. So, it’s no wonder fashion designers are racing to cooperate with her. Louboutin is one of those designers. He had the honor of making a special pair for her 2014 film Maleficent.  Angelina decided to wear the pair for every appearance tied to the film promotion. In the meantime, the pair of custom-made heels made for Jolie became so popular that they are now a part of the commercial sales department of this fashion creator.


Gigi Hadid

Source: arabnews.com

Gigi is everything fashion wants to represent these days. She’s the face of numerous campaigns and will be of many more. Her beauty is unique and as is well known, she and her sister are taking over the world of fashion. Or, they already did that? We can’t be sure. What we do know is that she is one of those fashion models who love to sport a nice pair of Louboutin high heels. One of the occasions she chose to wear a unique pair was for a New York City event tied to International Women’s Day. Gigi and Louboutin are a match made in heaven if you ask us.


Elizabeth Taylor

Source: elizabethtaylor.com

Here we have an old-school celebrity. Taylor was one of the pioneers of this fashion brand. Their cooperation dates back to the early 2000s. If you want to know when the first time Elizabeth Taylor wore a pair of Louboutin high heels was in 2003 at the Cannes AmFar Gala. As you can see this brand has a long history and it has worked with plenty of celebrities over the years.  We can expect more and more appearances on red carpets and various galas of these precious high heels. The best part, of course, remains that they are available for commercial sale. Price can deter some forms of buying, but we already told you that there is a way to obtain a pair if you know where to look.


Jessica Biel

Source: hellomagazine.com

The number of celebs sporting these heels keeps on growing. Jessica Biel is just the last in line. She was seen wearing a pair during the appearance at The Late Show. Stephen Colbert was the host and he too was thrilled with the fashion choices Jessica made that night. As it turns out, you can pair these beauties with any piece outfit you like be it a gala dress, a jumpsuit, or a simple denim piece. We could go on and on about the celebs that also fell in love with this brand but we’ll leave the tales of Zoe Saldana, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Cardi B for another occasion.

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