In the name of beauty, the 2023 Super Bowl certainly scored a touchdown. Cardi B confirmed via her Instagram story that she arrived right on time to witness Rihanna’s halftime performance at the NLF’s biggest game of the year on February 12 — and while broadcasting her prime view of Rih, Cardi revealed plush disco-inspired curls that ended up distracting us from the main event. 

The rapper opted for a platinum-blonde hair color with brunette roots for her appearance at the game. She parted her hair down the middle and twisted both sections inward into what appeared to be a half-up hairstyle. Her curls seem to have been teased near the crown, a small but effective detail that offers the look even more volume.

Although Cardi wore bubblegum-pink sunnies, her eye makeup stood out. Her soft pink eye shadow reached all the way up to the brow bone as the white shadow on her eyelids spread from the inner corners to the middle. In just one short and sweet Instagram story, she gave ’70s-style hair, Bratz-esque eye makeup, a royal blue manicure, and preppy sportswear all in the name of game day.  


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