Cardi B has me craving strawberry ice cream in the worst way thanks to her latest hair transformation, which looks like the most delicious soft serve treat.

Cardi was clearly feeling the pastel vibes in her most recent Instagram post, posing in a pink-dipped platinum blonde wig with a mint green catsuit and matching crocodile Birkin bag, plus pink Louboutin sandals to compliment the pink ombré. Her hair is parted deeply to one side and styled in big, lush curls just past her shoulders, with the pink color starting as a super pale baby pink at her mid-lengths and deepening to a cotton candy pink at the ends. It’s not a pure white platinum blonde, but rather a pearly Marilyn Monroe pinup color, especially with the retro bombshell styling of the wig. In short, it’s delicious.

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The rapper also channeled Monroe with her makeup, starting with a champagne eye shadow and adding a cut crease for definition, then applying a long, precise line of cat-eye liner and a pair of full false lashes. Instead of a pink or red lip, Cardi opted for a glossy peach. She then matched her stiletto manicure to her catsuit and bag, opting for a super pastel mint hue that felt crisp and cool as a mint chip ice cream cone on a sweltering day.

But before you go heading off for fro-yo, there’s a surprise in store! Cardi did a complete beauty 180 in the same Instagram carousel, going from platinum blonde to sleek and straight black hair with brow-skimming, straight-across bangs. One thing, however, remained the same: her love of the coveted Birkin. In the second set of pics, she swaps the pale blue-green bag for a bright blue one, but keeps the mint mani. Blonde, brunette, pink, blue … there’s really no color that doesn’t work on Cardi — just see her hand-painted crosses for proof! 

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