I still haven’t recovered from Cardi B’s temporary tattoo hairstyle from Mother’s Day, and yet she isn’t giving me any more time to breathe. The artist has already dropped her latest hair look featuring blunt bangs — and just blunt bangs.

The Bronx-raised rapper attended a launch event for her newest Whipshot flavor in a multicolored jumpsuit that covered everything but her fingers, feet, and face. Her inky black fringe was blunt, bumped, and thick with a capital T (goals really). The jet-black hair had a gorgeous sheen, and I need the details on what magical concoction produced its shine. These bangs completely covered her brows, so you can’t see those likely perfect arches. 

Given the loudness of her outfit, I’m not shocked that she kept her hairstyle and makeup on the more minimalist end. Her face was surely beat to the heavens, but the most visible makeup was her bronzed cheeks, neutral eye shadow, fluffy lashes, and glossy lips. The gloss on her lips was nothing compared to her uber-shiny hair. 

Her nails weren’t as dramatic as usual — they seemed a bit shorter than the sets she typically has and lacked bedazzled accents. The long stiletto tips were painted with a lavender hue that fit right in with her entire kaleidoscopic look.  

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