We have long documented Cardi B‘s experimentation with her hair color and cuts, and based on our observations, we’re almost certain that her favorite hairstyle is silky straight black hair that falls well below her hips. And she is proving us right with her latest hairstyle, which was so long we’re surprised she didn’t trip walking over it. 

On October 18, the rapper posted an Instagram photo dump featuring a few different looks. The one we’re raving about is shown in photos one, two, six, and seven; she is seen wearing a simple outfit including a white tank top, jeans, sparkly silver Christian Louboutin pumps, and a pink Birkin bag. 

In the first picture, Cardi has her hands in her long, sleek hair as she sits on a ledge. Her black hair was styled with a curved side part and without a single baby hair. The tips of her glossy hair nearly touched the pebbles on the ground.

The second photo, in which she’s squatting with her back to the camera, shows an even better view of her hair length, its silky texture, and the red underside of her heels. Her hair looked straighter than a sheet of paper falling towards the ground, and because it was so long, about an inch or two of her hair touched the stones. 

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