There’s not a millimeter of space left to bedazzle on the gem-riddled manicure Cardi B is currently sporting. Stones of all shapes, a cross for good faith, and a cherry on top are all present accents, some of which we noticed at first glance and some we had to take a second to locate amid the organized chaos. It’s far from surprising that the rapper’s latest manicure shared to her Instagram story on January 8 would more or less serve as its own I Spy book. 

And with the pearlescent base color plus the glint of pink glitter coating her nails, the riddle becomes much more enticing. Cardi has taken to social media to share insight into her beauty rituals and experiences before, but now we need her to tell us all the details about how this intricate nail-art look came to be. 

On one middle finger, an embellished butterfly with a trail of circular silver gems curves toward the square-shaped tip. Meanwhile, a Chanel logo sits atop the ring finger, and an angled tiara and pearl-encrusted cross make their mark along the index finger.


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