Many have been not-so-patiently waiting for Cardi B‘s next album, which is rumoredly scheduled to come out this year. Though she hasn’t blessed us with an album just yet, she has fed her fans with features on songs such as Latto’s “Put it On Da Floor,” Glorilla’s “Tomorrow,” and now  FendiDa Rappa’s “Point Me 2.” For the “Point Me 2” music video, the Bronx-rapped wore two distinct, colorful, creative wigs, both of which were dyed and installed by hairstylist Sandrine Diah

For the video, which premiered on July 17, Cardi B first appeared with a two-toned lob. Diah dyed the front section blue, creating a teal-to-aquamarine ombré from root to tip. The rest of the rapper’s hair was color a honey-brown shade. Diah styled this unit with a side part and bumped the ends inward, making the tips graze her collarbone. 

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Her blue and brown lob was stunning, but her second wig might have been even better, in my opinion. For the second unit, Diah gave Cardi a half-and-half style. Half of the rapper’s hair was a bright blonde hue while the other half had a beautifully blended mix of pink, purple, and black colors. Diah curled this unit and parted it down the middle, allowing viewers to see the contrast between the two colors. The very tips of her curled wig cascaded all the way to her waist. 

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