Cardi B is constantly changing up her hairstyle, so we were prepared for her to wear something extra-bold on the MTV VMAs red carpet. We have to admit, when she showed up wearing her hair long, sleek, and middle-parted, we were almost disappointed; it’s not that it didn’t look gorgeous — it absolutely did — but we were just expecting a more outrageous hair moment. But it turns out it was was a big hair moment in a totally different way.

At first glance, we were like, “Oh, cute, Cardi’s dress matches her chrome manicure,” which was created by nail artist Jenny Bui with Aprés Gel Couleur in the shade Birnam Wood But we had to zoom in to realize that this wasn’t just any dress: It’s something that belongs in a hairstyling hall of fame.

The floor-length strapless gown is almost entirely constructed from metal duckbill (or alligator) hair clips. You know, the kind that hold your Velcro rollers in place; the ones you see holding models’ hair out of their faces backstage at Fashion Week. The very same ones you can get a 24 pack of for six bucks on Amazon look like a million dollars when adorning Cardi B as a full-length frock.

But while Cardi wasn’t wearing them in her hair, husband Offset was. He adorned the side of his with head with eight or nine of the silver-toned clips, creating what was easily the cutest couple moment of the night.

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