Back in early October, we initially thought that Cardi B had stepped out with a fake lip piercing to attend Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour. But then we started seeing her wearing it again and again, so we now know the piercing is the real thing. Now, the rapper is sharing why she had to take out her tongue ring while simultaneously showing off her new lip piercing

On October 16 via Instagram Stories, Cardi shared with fans that she had to remove her tongue ring after accidentally biting it — ouch. In the video, she is chilling in bed with a bonnet on her head and a full-beat face of makeup. “I had to take it off because I think I bit it and it, fucking fucked up a blood vessel,” she says while showing the camera her tongue. “The tip is purple. So yeah, I’m traumatized.”

Though her tongue ring is noticeably absent, her new lip ring is not. There are several types of lip piercings, and Cardi specifically chose a Monroe piercing, which is a stud located right above the side of one lip (you can probably guess exactly where that name comes from).  

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