Last week, our eyes were glued on Cardi B‘s radiant makeup-free skin and long stiletto manicure we dubbed Red Bottom nails. The set earned that name because they were a chalk-white hue with a vibrant red on the undersides of the nails. But in typical Cardi B fashion, those seemingly minimalist nails were as short-lived as her previous short manicures. Now her claws are a pretty baby blue bedazzled with iridescent gems. 

We got a glance at her new manicure via her Instagram Stories. She showed off one of her manicured hands with stiletto nails that were likely longer than your average bullet lipstick. Her claws were painted in a baby blue hue color that appeared to have a matte finish. At the base of each nail, her nail artist adhered several luminous gems that looked to be the same blue as her manicure from some angles. 

Initially, we thought this was an entirely new set that her artist had to file and sculpt from scratch. But it actually looks like this is the same stiletto manicure as last week with a fresh coat of nail polish because you can see a sliver of that bright red underside. 

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