Cardi B is a master of serving looks, so I expect nothing less than perfection from the rapper every time she steps out. And each time she manages to exceed my expectations and keep me waiting not-so-patiently for her next beauty moment. Currently, I can’t stop admiring the bedazzled makeup she wore for Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour.

The rapper shared a selfie showing off her sparkly makeup with fans on October 1. In the photo, she is smiling and posing with one hand in her dark curled hair, which was styled by her go-to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez. As per usual, her makeup artist Erika La’Pearl made sure her face didn’t have a single perceptible flaw. 

On the rapper’s eyes, La’Pearl blended matte brown and black shadows in her crease with a light tan hue placed on her lids. She drew a thin but razor-sharp cat eye that extended about an inch from Cardi’s outer corner. Right underneath that winged liner, La’ Pearl adhered a few gems in a cluster. She also added another jewel right above the rapper’s lip, giving the appearance of a faux lip piercing. The gems under her liner and above her lips gleamed as brightly as the studs in her ears. 

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