Cardi B refuses to remove her foot from our necks, and honestly, the view isn’t terrible from down here. Just as I was admiring her Twizzler hair, she decided to pop out with an even better style: a curly fauxhawk. 

On July 23, her husband, Offset, brought her on stage to perform alongside him at Rolling Loud Miami, and the rapper posted a few photos of her look for Instagram fans on July 25. She was dressed in a skin-tight, blue and black jumpsuit with sky-high black stiletto pumps and a black crocodile Birkin bag in hand. Her go-to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez created her curly fauxhawk using hair from Kendra’s Boutique

The big ringlets looked stunning, and slides three and four of her carousel display them the best. Stylez pinned back hair on both sides of her head to form the fauxhawk. She swept the curls in the front to one side, and the very ends of the section fell to Cardi’s chin area. On the other side, Stylez left a piece of hair out right by her sideburns. The longest curls cascaded towards her waist. Stylez also swooped her baby hairs along each temple. 

Her 3D chrome manicure complemented her edgy hairstyle. The very last photo in her slideshow is a close-up of her metallic tips, which were filed into a sharpened point. Each nail was adorned with 3D decals that looked similar to the charms on her Birkin bag. 

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