Cardi B is doing her community service in true Cardi fashion: in her beloved Margiela Tabi boots and a super, super long manicure. The rapper, who was sentenced to serve as part of a plea deal after an altercation in 2018, has been documenting her looks as she completes her 15-day requirement, and her signature nails aren’t going anywhere.

Cardi, who is doing her service in Queens, New York, has been posting photos on Twitter before setting off for her day of work. In the first, posted on February 21, she wears an all-black fit with a Chanel beanie and matching metallic silver mani with the tips shaped into a rounded, classic oval.  She changed it up a bit on February 22, donning black pants and a taupe jacket with pink Tabis, a pink jumbo Chanel bag, and a pink beanie, her nails still looking flawlessly shiny and perfectly manicured. In another image, posted on February 23, Cardi wears white sweats, a cropped sweater, and a pink beanie alongside the manicure and her go-to white Tabis. “Community service ….I have to do a lot of hours today and I’m very sleepy ……..YOU DO THE CRIME YOU DO THE TIME!!!!!” she wrote. As for makeup, Cardi kept things pretty minimal for her days of community service with just a bit of mascara and some eyeliner

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