ICYMI, Cardi B finally dropped her music video for “Bongos,” which also features fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion, on September 8. As expected, the duo did not disappoint at all with the visuals — colorful cutout bodysuits, towering heels in all colors of the rainbow, massive feather headpieces, and inches and inches of hair. 

By far, my favorite hair look from the video is actually not the one that sits atop Cardi B’s head; instead, it’s a dark red, two-piece suit made entirely of box braids. Yes, you read that right. At the 15-second mark, you can see the rapper wearing the bikini, paired with lengthy hair (this time on her head) that is the same color as she dances in an open fridge. The red hair on her head was mostly straight, the ends falling to her knees. Because of her dancing, you might not notice the braids and golden accessories throughout her hair. 

The rest of her braids come from her bikini set. The braids were weaved together to create the bikini top, and several braids stuck out from each bra cup like a fringe that cascaded towards her hips. Similar to the top, the bottom also had a braided “fringe” flaring out from the bottoms and creating a sort of skirt. These red braids were also adorned with golden accessories similar to the ones in her actual hair. 

Honestly, my biggest criticism of this video is that the rappers didn’t drop it earlier in the summer. Every time I hear the Brazilian funk-influenced beat, my butt can’t help but move, and I immediately crave a summer party. 

But anyway, without further ado, enjoy both Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in the “Bongos” video below. 

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