Red is the one hair color other than blonde and brunette that Cardi B has worn multiple times in the past few months. For her daughter’s birthday in July, she had blunt, waist-length cherry cola hair. Later, on September 3, she had big fire-engine-red curls in a short clip teasing what was then an upcoming announcement. That announcement ended up being for her single “Bongos” — in the video for it, which was released on September 6, she wore a two-piece bikini set made of box braids in (you guessed it) dark red. Fast forward to now, and her latest shade of red is nowhere near as bright or saturated as her previous looks. 

On October 27, the rapper posted a short clip to Instagram showing her new hair color to promote an upcoming performance. Her long hair was parted down the middle, disappearing out of the camera’s frame at her waist. For all we know, the end could be reaching the floor. Her pin-straight hair was not as brown as auburn, nor was it as bright as copper. It was almost identical to the color of cinnamon. Or like the color of the darker leaves that fall from trees in peak autumn. 

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