I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: It’s a great time to be a fan of women’s rap and hip hop. At the beginning of June, Latto and Cardi B decided to bless us with a remix of Latto’s “Put it on Da Floor Again” and an accompanying music video where the duo looked stunning with long manes of blonde hair

Both Latto and Cardi B teased the upcoming remix (and their blonde looks) on June 1 with a short clip on Instagram. Latto started the clip in a two-piece, printed blue outfit with honey-blonde hair curls that fell past her hips. She also had a long, wispy fringe with ends that grazed her lids but didn’t completely cover up her eyebrows

“I put it on da floor. Now I’m bout to put it on da floor again. Remix this Friday,” she said. “Rip her out the plastic she been acting brand new.” Right as she was speaking, Latto proceeded to rip off a black plastic bag over an unnamed individual, who we discover in the next few seconds is the legendary Cardi B. 

The Bronx-raised rapper popped out of the black plastic bag with silky straight blonde hair, but hers was more of an ash blonde in comparison to Latto’s honey blonde stands. Cardi’s hair was a layered look with highlights. The shortest of layers fell about an inch underneath her chin while the longest pieces hit her waistline. Her roots were a deeper brown hue, and you can see some more brunette streaks in her hair amongst the lighter blonde. Her straight hair was bumped slightly at the ends.

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