Cara Delevingne is one of fashion and entertainment’s biggest personalities, her outspoken and playful spirit shining through her usually classic and understated hairstyles. But every now then, like we sometimes wear our heart on our sleeve, it’s fun to wear our boldness on… our heads. 

On Thursday, September 14, Delevingne made an appearance at the star-studded Vogue World event in London, coming onstage to kiss FKA Twigs during a performance. And if onlookers didn’t recognize the model at first, that’s understandable. Instead of the low-key bronde, straight hair we’re used to seeing on her, Delevingne wore a punk style that had all the bells and whistles, minus actual bells and whistles.

First there’s the shape. There’s a lot going on here. We’re talking multiple punky trends at once. The base appears to be a buzz cut, but there’s plenty of hair around the edges, like a circumferential mullet with wispy curtain bangs. Instead of a traditional mohawk, in which hair is sticking straight up down the center of the head, Delevigne has hair sticking up on either side of the top of her head.

Then there’s the color — or colors, rather. The multifaceted look appears to be horizontally striped in shades like lime green, teal, magenta, orange, and even super-dark brown at the tips. But that’s not the only way a nearly black color was used. Her stylist also created a leopard-like pattern across the buzzed part of the hair.

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