Cara Delevingne has been experimenting with her hair quite a bit in the last few months. She started off April with a brand-new bob haircut, and then ended the month looking like a completely different person with dark brown waves and blunt baby bangs. For the Met Gala, she paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld with edgy silver hair that seemingly changed colors depending on the lighting. The most recent look she has added to her list is a choppy fringe. 

Delevingne was spotted with her new bangs at the 74th annual Parsons Benefit on May 24. The model went for a wet-looking hairstyle with this edgy haircut. Perhaps because of the moistness (sorry) of the style, her blonde also looked darker than usual. The ends of her blunt bob barely grazed her shoulders.

Her bangs, on the other hand, were not blunt. About three-quarters of the fringe was swept to one side, exposing its uneven ends: there are bits of baby bangs, parts that are just long enough to graze her thick eyebrows but not completely cover them, and some longer wispy pieces that reach all the way to her eyes. Does this mean our choppy at-home fringe attempts might actually be… cool?

Nothing pairs better with an edgy haircut like this than smoky eye makeup. Black pigments were blended on her lids and waterline and extended into a V-like shape at the outer corners. A peachy nude pigment coated her lips, and a peach blush was dusted on her cheekbones.

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