The 2023 Met Gala, which fell on the first of May this year, was a tribute to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld and his impact on the fashion industry. Celebrities honored him in many ways, including but not limited to massive ball gowns and towering headpieces. Cara Delevingne chose to dye her hair an icy gray color.

Delevingne attended the fashion event in an asymmetric white dress with long sleeves that trailed behind her and paired it with thigh-high boots. Her neutral outfit put all the attention on her silver hair. The color was so cool-toned that it appeared to have a blue tint from certain angles — nearly the same color as her eyes. It only served to elevate this edgy, short haircut.

The longest pieces of the choppy haircut touched the nape of her neck, while the shortest pieces fell to her mid-forehead, forming wispy bangs. The texture of this cut was perfect for her entire goth look. She paired the short gray hair with an intense smoky eye. Black pigments were blended all over her lids and onto her lower lash line. Her dark brows were arched to perfection, and a nude lipstick was painted onto her lips. 

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