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Welcome to June, Capricorn. At the end of May, the stars begged you to give yourself a break and get some rest. You’re working too hard. It’s a cliché about Capricorns, but some rumors are true. On Saturday, June 3, there’s a full moon in loud Sagittarius. People might be messy this weekend, and the second half of June gets busy. So stay in during this moon phase, and blame your astrologer if you need an excuse to turn down a party invite. However, shortly after the full moon, you might be interested in spending time with a lover if you’re into that currently. When romantic Venus enters attention-loving Leo and your 8th House of Sex on Monday, June 5, you’re in the mood to explore something new to you. Check out our list of common kinks and fantasies if you need inspo. 

A few weeks ago, on Thursday, March 23, Pluto, the makeover planet, made a generational shift that will affect all star signs by moving out of your sign, Capricorn, and into Aquarius, a sign known for being the humanitarian of the zodiac. Astrologers talk about how this shift is relevant to the rise in political activism and reassessments of the U.S. economy and office culture. (Don’t worry, Capricorn, this isn’t about you personally).

Pluto, which is currently retrograde, re-enters your sign, Capricorn, on Sunday, June 11, before settling back in Aquarius on January 20, 2024, where it will stay for about 19 years. If you have a reputation for working hard, it’s simply because you’re very good at what you do, Capricorn. Take pride in that. You’re also trustworthy and creative. However, you need downtime to function at full force. While Pluto retrograde is in your sign, pay attention to your work and scheduling habits, check in with your health, and adjust as needed. 

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Your ruling planet, disciplinarian Saturn, goes retrograde in carefree Pisces and your 3rd House of Communication on Saturday, June 17. Because Saturn is all about structure, when the planet is retrograde, your assignment is to freestyle. Sometimes, you can be a perfectionist in your speech. You only tell partners or friends how you feel once you find the perfect words. The problem with this is that you can take a long time to find those words and miss out on opportunities for intimacy. During this transit, allow yourself to relax and shoot the shit. Worry less about exactly what you say and more about the emotions that you convey. The new moon in Gemini, the orator of the zodiac, on Sunday, June 18, helps you relax and tell someone that you care about them in a fun and carefree way. 

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