One of those arrives on Wednesday, November 8, when Venus, goddess of love and money, enters Libra and your 10th House of Social Status. Circle this date in your calendar. It could mean money, whether that’s from your job, a creative side gig, or an unexpected early holiday gift. However, this date could also come with praise and recognition. Whatever happens, it’s important that you’re proud of yourself. When busybody Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday, November 9, you might feel a little overwhelmed or anxious. You’ll be more likely to allow yourself to rest if you feel like you’ve worked hard and done a job well done, so let us assure you: you’re killing it Capricorn, and, as always, your own toughest critic. 

You want to schedule in downtime during the final weekend of the month. Just trust me on this.

Now that you put any silly resentments behind you, try to spend the new moon in Scorpio on Monday, November 13, out with friends, regardless of your relationship status. If you’re single, you don’t have to give this a second thought. However, if you’re in a relationship, it might have been a while since you got wild with your crew. You like calm, Capricorn, but as a result, you tend to get a little too comfortable in relationships. This lunation reminds you that having a solid support system is super beneficial for your mental health (and it’s okay to tap into your devilish side and get into some trouble every now and then), as long as no one gets hurt. 

Once the sun enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 22, the holidays are upon us. Even if you have no plans to travel or celebrate, you’ll see others doing so on social media, shops will close, your beloved schedule will likely change some, and you might not like it. First off, while you’re absolutely allowed to reject any holiday that doesn’t sit well with you, you work hard and could benefit from some rest. So use the holidays as an excuse from the stars (make that assignment) to lean into self-care, such as getting more sleep, developing an elaborate skin care routine, or even getting yourself a tattoo or a tragus piercing. In particular, you want to schedule in downtime during the final weekend of the month. Just trust me on this. Between hot-headed Mars entering Sagittarius on Friday, November 24, and an anxiety-provoking full moon in Gemini and your 6th House of Health on Monday, November 27, you’ll risk burnout and a weakened immune system if you don’t. Take care, Capricorn, and we’ll see you in November.

Important dates in November 2023:

Saturday, November 4: Saturn goes direct in Pisces
Wednesday, November 8: Venus enters Libra
Thursday, November 9: Mercury enters Sagittarius
Monday, November 13: New moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius 
Friday, November 24: Mars enters Sagittarius
Monday, November 27: Full moon in Gemini

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