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Happy February, Capricorn, congrats on surviving the first month of 2023. At the end of January, a new moon saw you releasing old fears and recognizing any anxieties holding you back. New moons begin a new cycle, and full moons complete them. When Sunday, February 5, brings a full moon in Leo and your transformative 8th House, you will see the results of whatever intentions you set during January’s new moon. For instance, if you decided to deepen a commitment with a romantic partner last month, the Leo full moon sees you going through with it. Or, perhaps, you decided to work on lowering your stress levels. The culmination of the new moon sees you picking up a hobby to release pent-up pressure, starting work with a therapist, or leaning harder on your chosen family and support system. 

When the communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius and your 2nd House of Possessions on Saturday, February 11, you may also find yourself experiencing manifestation at work. Remember, the economy is far too complex for any astrologer to predict cash flow, but this is a lucky time to speak out about your worth. So, Capricorn, if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask for a raise, fewer work hours, or whatever you need for your well-being, the stars are aligned to work in your favor. Our House of Possessions indeed includes money but also emotions. This transit also reminds you to take care of your mental health, which means creating work/life balance. Despite your reputation for being a workaholic, you are happiest when you also have a happy home life. 

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When Pisces begins on Saturday, February 18, you’re in a happy and social mood. While early February focused primarily on your relationship with yourself, with the influence of empathetic Pisces, you’re yearning for human connection. The next few weeks see you enjoying intimacy with romantic partners and making happy memories with friends. In particular, the weekend of Sunday, February 19, looks to bring fun your way, so continue cultivating a healthy work/life balance. There is a new moon in dreamy Pisces on Sunday, February 19, which sees you enjoying debates and discussions, perhaps over wine or food, with friends and lovers. Venus, the ruler of love, beauty, and money, enters Aries and your 4th House of Home and Family on this same date. Remember, Capricorn, the people around you become family and form your home. Making time to deepen personal relationships will improve all areas of your life. Have fun, and see you next month.  

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