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Welcome to August, CancerLast month, lovely Venus went retrograde. Because the romantic planet rules beauty, it’s not the best time to get a permanent body mod like a tattoo. However, self-care has never been more critical. Our society puts so much emphasis on productivity that a ridiculous stigma can be attached to enjoying downtime. So, hold the guilt and listen to your astrologer.

Use the full moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, August 1, to stay in and be as lazy as you like. You’re currently undergoing a change, whether switching jobs, leaving a relationship, or entering a new one. Because this lunation lights up your 8th House of Transformation, you’ll likely feel pensive about this development. Couple that stress with the paranoia any full moon can manifest, and the result is a forecast for anxiety. Combat this by giving into all your favorite feel-good activities, whether enjoying a sex toy, watching TV, taking long baths, eating delicious snacks, or all of the above. 

While the full moon may be an angsty time best spent sinking into relaxation, when the moon completes half a cycle and brings a dark new moon in attention-loving Leo and your 2nd House of Possessions on Wednesday, August 16, you’re ready to socialize and celebrate. Yes, this part of your chart is associated with money, and as new moons mark the start of fresh cycles, this could indicate a promotion, raise, or a chance to finally make money off of a creative side project. And, hey, aren’t we all hoping for a little recognition? However, at the risk of bursting your bubble, our economy is so screwed up that astrologers truly cannot make promises regarding cash. So, stay optimistic regarding abundance, but know that your 2nd House also encompasses emotions, which you own, suggesting that the new moon may also correlate to emotional advancements within your romantic life and close friendships. (Also, getting properly paid for your work is important, but by no means is it the only measure of success, nor the only route to a fulfilling career.)

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