How would you describe Brooke Shields‘s red carpet updo? The actor, writer, and model attended the 2023 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards in a high-up style that honestly has me at a loss for words. It’s a little bit messy bun with a touch of Pamela Anderson’s iconic tousled style… and perhaps an odd camera angle or bobby pin mishap?

For the event, Shields wore her long, thick hair pulled up into a high updo pinned at the crown of her head, with lots of undone texture and volume. Pieces of hair were curled and wrapped around the bun for that intentionally messy effect, but judging from the photos, it looks as though a few of those pieces may have fallen out of place during the evening.

In fact, that’s exactly what occurred. Celebrity hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello, who did Shields’s hair for the ceremony, told Allure that it was one of those perfect storm moments. According to Pucciarello, he and Shields were going for a ’90s Anderson-esque vibe. “She always wears her hair down, and it was something special for her, so I wanted to change it up,” he explained. The T-shirt Shields was wearing was responsible for the deflated side. “I did my best to pin it back [before she had to leave] … but it happens to the best of us.”

But you know what? It’s totally true. Hair isn’t sculpted in stone and styling products aren’t magic, pins come loose, hairspray doesn’t hold, and styles shake loose while moving around on the red carpet. From a straight-on angle, the updo looks a bit crooked or deflated on one side, but if you check out more casual photos from the event, it looks much more like a traditional messy bun — and it’s really cute on the star. “She texted me, ‘It looks fantastic, I feel fantastic,’ and as long as she felt fantastic that’s what matters to me,” Pucciarello said.

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