How many different ways could Jennifer Lopez possibly reinvent the nude manicure? That number has yet to be determined, but she certainly isn’t anywhere close to hitting her limit, if the nails she wore to the 2023 Grammy Awards are any indication. While serving as an award presenter, Lopez wore oval-shaped nails with hyper-glossy nude base — yet another take on the lip gloss nail trend — and the ittiest, bittiest silver gems placed in one perfectly straight line on each digit. 

As always, Lopez’s right-hand nail artist, Tom Bachik, was responsible for the look, which he achieved using the gel nail polish Vintage Carnation by Aprés Nail. The crystals he used were so tiny, they could be missed at too short a glance — so if they were placed individually by hand, we have to give major props where they’re due (seriously, who has hands that steady?). The detail perfectly matches the singer’s gown and accessories, which features small rows of diamonds hanging down vertically.  

Lately, Lopez has been all about the nudes (nude nail polish, obviously). Alongside her other recent lip gloss manicure, in January she wore a nude manicure with metallic gold tips that had diamonds embedded in them. Not to mention her “dulce de leche” nails featuring a rich cinnamon nude nail polish color. Just goes to show that Bachik and Lopez make the most dynamic nail duo, even when painting with the most neutral colors possible.

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