If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from Rosé of K-pop supergroup Blackpink — aside from outstanding vocals, of course — is a certain hairstyle. It’s almost always very long and very blonde, or tinted a bit pink (a perfectly appropriate choice for someone named Rosé, or Roseann Park, as she was named at birth). And technically, she’s currently sporting that look — but with an unexpected twist: baby bangs.

I know, I know — bangs are bandmate Lisa’s thing, but Rosé is making a very successful play for them at the Cannes Film Festival, where she walked the red carpet for a screening of the film Monster on Wednesday, May 17.

She was seen wearing a gorgeous, black Saint Laurent with a high, scarf-like neckline. Her low-key glam makeup echoes her pulled-back, slightly pink hair thanks to sparkly, pale pink eye shadow, glowing pink blush, and a soft pink lips. But the centerpiece of her beauty look is definitely the wispy, side-parted new bangs.

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Considering that Rosé has been bleaching her hair consistently for years, it occurred to me that these might actually be expertly styled breakage bangs. But regardless of if they were a proactive choice or a happy accident, they look super cute and may just become an official part of her signature style moving forward.

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