Angela White, known professionally as Blac Chyna, shocked many folks when she shared that she planned to remove some of her cosmetic enhancements and even tattoos as she embarks on a new era in her life. It started on March 13, when she shared a video of her breast implant and butt injection removal. Now, the next big change on her list is her hair, and the socialite is looking adorable yet edgty with a choppy pixie and undercut. 

She showed off the cut with a short video posted to Instagram on May 21. In the brief clip, Blac Chyna posed from different angles, giving us a good look at her straight pixie, glam makeup, and long French tips. Sections of her hair appear to have been curled lightly and brushed towards the front to give the style some body and texture. 

The longest pieces of her choppy pixie covered her forehead and grazed her arched brows. This isn’t the first time she’s debuted a pixie, so she’s not new to the short-hair lifestyle — on April 9, we saw her short hair styled into finger waves — but unlike her previous short styles, her undercut makes this pixie look edgy. Her shaved sides were as bald as her Sphynx cat, who appears briefly at the end of the video. 

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