Whenever I see a side-swept bayang — not a bang, y’all, a bayang — images of mid-2000s emo and scene kids with aggressively long “bangs” that completely cover their eyes immediately come to mind. The side piece evokes a pretty aggressive form of nostalgia for me, so you can imagine my shock when I spotted Billy Porter with silver-highlighted hair in a style that can only be described as putting the “rawr” in “rawr XD.”

On June 22, Porter debuted his side-swept hair while visiting the Empire State Building to light it up for Pride Month. His black hair fell over the side of his head in a pin-straight style. The opposite side of his head was completely shaved, making this look even more dramatic and edgy. In the sea of black side-parted hair, you can see silver streaks peeking through the shoulder-length strands. 

Bangs” simply doesn’t cover this look, as all of his hair was merely swept over one side of the head, but if anything, that only makes it more accurate to the hairstyle associated with the emo and scene communities from back in the day. It’s not a bang, but I am declaring it a bayang for the drama of the look. 

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