In less than a month, I will see the Beyoncé perform in person. So with every new Renaissance tour look, my excitement increases tenfold. I’ve been keeping my eyes on Queen Bey’s makeup, hair, and nails, eagerly searching for a new beauty moment, and I just found one. When I saw her blonde hair on July 9, I had a suspicion that her hair was lighter, and it looks like I was right, according to hairstylist Riza Hazan, who colors Bey’s hair.

Hazan tells Allure that her inspiration for the look was “summer creamy blonde with a golden hue.” She dubbed the new color “crème brûlée blonde,” and on her Instagram page, the hair stylist shared a few photos of the singer (who initially posted these photos on July 4). The photos show Bey in a pale pink dress with a fur jacket and her curled hair styled into a half-up ponytail.

In her caption, Hazan noted that the hair color “is the perfect combination of 3 blonde hues — baby, pale and golden.” Bey’s roots are the darkest, as you can see a sliver of brown near her scalp. The brunette shade transitions into a brighter honey-blonde hue. The lightest pieces sat at the tips of her hair, which were a golden blonde hue. “I add blonde around her hairline to frame her face and pops of light baby blonde throughout so when she flips her hair, you get a beautiful visual of gorgeous color,” Hazan tells Allure. 

In a photoset Beyoncé posted on July 9, you can get a much better visual of how much lighter her hair is. The third photo features Bey from the back with her straight blonde hair cascading to her bum. Her hair looks even lighter and cooler in these photos, and the bright blonde at the tips are far more apparent. 

Hazan recommends investing in a hair gloss. “Glosses are sometimes forgotten in the hair care regimen, but they are a solid product to ensure brilliant color beyond the chair,” she shares. For Bey’s hair, she used Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss in Sun-Kissed “to bring out a golden brilliance.” We recommend the Pureology Color Fanatic Top Coat and Tone Hair Gloss because it comes in five colors, including Gold.

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