I think I finally found something longer than a CVS receipt: Charli XCX‘s hair. For the Fendi Spring 2024 Ready To Wear Fashion Show on September 20, she arrived with curls that trailed towards her hips — and those are the shortest pieces. I was already shocked when I saw her curls, but I severely underestimated how long they were. 

The pop singer attended the show wearing a light blue button-up, a leather pencil skirt, and white heels. Most of her dark curls were swept over to one side, and some fell toward the front. I initially thought the rest of her hair might be a tad bit longer until I saw her Instagram post from September 21. In the first photo of her carousel, which she captioned, “i’m the girl with THE hair,” she sat on a window sill with her curls almost reaching her hips. If she were, her curls might have fallen to her butt.  

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For her makeup, she opted for a subtle brown smoky eye. You can see the darker shadows extending from her outer corners, giving her the siren-eye effect. She might have simply swiped a lip balm on her lips, or she’s wearing a great nude lipstick. 

In my opinion, the more colors a manicure has, the better, but I have a weakness for nails in any shade of brown. So I definitely noticed her dark brown, squoval-shaped manicure. The glossy sheen made each nail resemble a brown M&M.  

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