Hot off the fall 2023 runways, we have a lot to talk about: larger-than-life lashes, crystalized red lips, and exaggerated winged eyeliner. “This season has been exquisite,” makeup artist Dame Pat McGrath tells Allure, reflecting on the makeup that caught her eye on the catwalks (several of the divine looks were, in fact, ones she dreamed up herself). So many of our everyday favorites (mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, the classics, if you will) displayed their maximum potential. 

Sure, there were plenty of fresh faces that gleamed under bright lights and quite a few bare lips, too, but it was the razor-sharp wings at Rodarte and Versace; the pastel, feathery lashes at Prada; and the strips of sequins underlining the eyes at Louis Vuitton that made us audibly gasp. As McGrath says, “It’s hard to pick out favorites because they all had such impeccable character.” Hard to? Yes. But that didn’t stop us from narrowing it down.

There’s something to be said for the offbeat, the bizarre, the jaw-dropping glamour that makes you pause… and then do a double take. And it was these over-the-top interpretations of the classics that top our lists. The unexpected — liquid liner traced on in the funkiest of shapes, contrasting neon shades of eye shadow, metallics that make glitter seem boring — is what we see ourselves daring to wear in the coming months.

Ahead, the greatest makeup inspiration from the fall 2023 runways.

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