Bella Hadid wasn’t awarded Model of the Year at the 2022 British Fashion Awards for nothing. The top model practically manages to be a chameleon with how deftly she can switch from her casual everyday looks to her runway style to more extravagant editorial photo shoot looks. Her latest project, which could potentially be a behind-the-scenes view of a magazine photo shoot or commercial, involves a curly platinum-blonde bob that’s channeling Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look or even the unpredictable style of ’90s pop star Madonna.

Hadid posted a short clip of her curly bob styled by hairstylist Sam McKnight. She started the video staring off to the side and seemingly talking to someone on set as she spritzed her styled curls with an unnamed hairspray in a matte grey bottle. Hadid gently touched her hair, a super light buttery yellow, to ensure the hairspray was distributed everywhere without disrupting the curls that seem intentionally undone. She almost accidentally missed her hair with the first spritz and said oops, which earned a laugh from someone off-camera.

After the last spritz, she said, “No I think I’m done. What you think?” As she asked the question, she immediately turned directly to the camera giving us, the viewers, her best model face before she gave a little shake of her hair. 

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