After a break to focus on her health, Bella Hadid is back. The model documented her return to work on TikTok — her first day on set in five months — and showed off the perfect goth mermaid waves at the same time.

Hadid shared a short video from set to the delight of fans — myself included — who had really missed her during her time off. In the vid, her deep, rich brunette hair is parted in the center and styled in done but not done loose, undulating waves flowing all the way down her shoulders almost to her hips. It’s giving sea siren in the best way; the look feels very appropriate for the summer season, but it’s still totally true to Hadid’s signature style. She’s always had a bit of an edge to her look, and it’s apparent even she she’s rocking the ever-prevalent beachy waves.

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Hadid paired the mermaid waves with equally oceanic makeup: shimmery bronze eye shadow all over the lid like sand glimmering under the sun, a coral pink blush on her cheekbones for a flushed, day-in-the-sun vibe and a seashell pink lip. The model’s nails, too, felt like something you’d find under the sea, namely a precious pearl hidden in a seashell. They were shaped into medium-length squovals and painted with a pearly, holographic milky pink-white color.

The model is best known for her dark hair, but before her break, she was having fun experimenting with the lighter side. In late 2022, she channeled her sister Gigi with a honey blonde transformation, cosplayed as Marilyn Monroe in a platinum bob and later transitioned back to dark hair with a few Kelly Clarkson-style chunky highlights, just for fun. If we know one thing about Hadid, it’s that she never sticks to one hairstyle for long, but these romantic goth mermaid waves are definitely welcome to stick around.

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