“When I walked in, our girl was giving herself a pick-me-up with an Innisfree sheet mask, while my partner-in-crime, Riawna Capri, prepped her hair with In Common Magic Myst (from her product line) which is basically vitamins for the hair as well as a heat protectant.

Once she took off the mask, I continued with my usual skin prep, which now always includes the Dior Capture Youth Enzyme Solution. No, seriously. I now can’t do makeup without starting with a dash of this applied to the face with a cotton ball or my fingers. Then I used an eye cream, lightly massaging it along the contours of her eyes and into her upper eyelids for the appearance of brighter, rested, and more radiant-looking eyes. I then finished with what I consider the primer of all primers: the Dior Capture Dreamskin Advanced.”

Allan Avendaño

“Here, I’m bringing that warmth, shape, and definition with my one of my favorite contour kits, the Dior Backstage Contour Palette. I applied the deepest shade to carve out the face. Then, I buffed in the second-to-deepest shade to soften any harsh edges during the contour process. The thing I love about this palette is how rich the pigment is and how it doesn’t fight against the texture of your complexion so that it looks like second skin. Finally, I gave a dab of rosy pink blush to the apples of her cheeks.”

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