If you’re someone whose default hairstyle is long — someone who, when you look back at a lifetime of photos, your hair hits mid-back at least 75 percent of the time — you know haircut remorse. It’s like buyer’s remorse, but you can’t just return the purchase. Even if the new style looks fabulous, you just don’t feel like yourself. I suspect that’s what happened with Avril Lavigne.

Last October, the Canadian songstress took a break from her signature super-long style, chopping it (on a toilet, of all places) into a chic lob that, for the last few months, has hit at or just past her shoulders. It looked amazing, and she had a lot of fun with it, adding the occasional streaks of bold color into her blonde base. But it seems she really missed all of her length and simply didn’t have the patience to grow it out.

On Wednesday, May 31, Lavigne attended an event celebrating Christian Louboutin’s Flamencaba collection, and in addition to the designer’s famous red-soled shoes, she wore newly waist-length hair. 

Unless she’s discovered a miraculous way to double the length of her hair in less than a month, Lavigne is likely wearing extensions that happen to blend beautifully into her natural length. The loose waves are style with lots of volume, and the Barbie-blonde shade contrasts perfectly with her dark eye makeup.

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